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TripCon is the modern logbook software for manual and automatic recording of the main parameters of the nautical Trip. Years of experience of the developer guarantees a practicable logbook software that is optimally adapted to the needs and technical possibilities of water sports. Time savings over manual entry and objective and detailed data reports and the evidence in serious cases are just some advantages of TripCon.
  • manual and automatic capture of the most important nautical parameters of a cruise
  • manual entries, fully automatic entries, integration of audio and video
  • easy but comfortable interpretation possibilities as paper report as well as by using modern geographical information systems like Google Earth™
  • permanent survey of all electronically captured parameters on the screen
  • all-embracing administration of vessels, persons and logbook parameters
  • embedding weather information in the logbook
  • structured data storage in a standardized database system
  • completion of the logbook function by MOB-supervision
  • sharing of the NMEA-data with navigation programs (or other applications) via attached COM-Port splitting function

Besides capturing of vessel specific values and the correction factor of the log supplier the customer can choose sails and motors. Additionally it can be chosen which equipment, tanks and electricity supply is available.

If TripCon-MM has been bought a picture of the vessel can be added.
If an entry is incomplete it can be easily edited in the data base. Thereby, all manually captured parameters can be adapted. Texts can be completed or modified. If TripCon-MM has been bought pictures can be added.

All captured data including image and audio information are saved in a SQL- data base. This data base can be saved and recovered at any time. This is effected through a single data file which can be perfectly used for the transport between vessel PC and home pc.
Weather information can be imported directly to TripCon out of sub suppliers (WIB_E Pro, Meteoserver…) or via screenshots. By regarding the creation date this information are automatically allocated to a leg.

Without any additional hardware the man overboard supervision can be realized via certain Bluetooth-able mobiles (class 1) resp. PDAs. The emergency signal emission is effected via the audio device of the pc system. Supervised area: approx. 10 meters. In case of emergency a logbook entry is created and the position is delivered to parallel running navigation systems.

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