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The MeteoServer is a weather data service for nautical and meteorological information, current weather conditions and forecast for leisure boats and commercial vessels with a world wide coverage. The Services use a highly compressed file-format called BMSD. This format allows to download the weather data within seconds to the PC and can be viewed offline onto the PC. The Service also offers to view the MeteoServer weather data online on Google Map.


  • World wide coverage
  • Four times a day "fresh" weather updates
  • Data reception over the Internet, via SSB-radio, satellite or WiFi
  • Direct access via Internet browser or data download software with minimized cost for mobile/ wireless connections.
  • Display of state-of-the art animated and interactive graphics and charts.
  • The data contain current satellite observations, which are converted into forecasts.
  • The DeveloperService allows marine software developers to integrate their own maritime programs, e.g. digital nautical chart software or to show marine weather on their own websites.
  • The Data Set contains special information, which the national weather services usually not supply.
  • Meteorological forecasts of cloud cover, precipitation, temperature, pressure, wind and wave height
    Near real-time wind vectors (speed, height, direction)
  • Forecasts tides and currents Current weather and cloud report
  • Near real-time sea-surface temperature and water clarity from satellite data
  • SYNOP – current data

Who does what?
Co-chaired by Bonito, from 2002-2005 a study group called “MeteoServer” set the corner stone for a new and better technology to replace the traditional shortwave transmissions of the weather services.
(see: for further information)

The project was to study all existing possibilities to create an optimal low cost product to supply the interested public with nautical and metrological data. In addition, the following should be accomplished:
  • Supply maritime-weather-information for computers or PDAs using a standard Internet-Browser
  • Use the modern wireless communication at low cost.  
  • Efficient use of mathematical computing and processing within the software and the multimedia functions of today’s computers   
  • Using the newest methods for the visualising of the data and using the newest display forms to highlight dangerous weather forecasts.
  • Making it possible to implement the software by other manufacturers of other maritime software

If you are using the data on a boat, the software MeteoCom 6 for example downloads the weather data in seconds onto the PC and can be viewed offline in the MeteoViewer. This is ideal for users who may not always have an internet connection, or who is using a mobile or satellite phone, because the data is downloaded in a new highly compressed file-format called BMSD. The program can process the data fields quicker than the time needed for the download via Internet. It is usually a data package holding the last 3 days as statistic and the next 3 days as a forecast (about 0.5 to 1GB). The actual size of the file downloaded is only about 100-350 KB. If you select data for a certain region only, then the costs for downloading will be about the same as a normal conversation on the mobile phone.

The concept of the data compression used by MeteoServer is quite simple: A supplier of weather data receives the raw data from his server, prepares these data in a special mathematical and metrological method and delivers the desired resolution. These suppliers get paid by the amount of data, the more data the higher the financial gain. Thus the supplier does not really think about different ways to compress the data, because the financial gain would be reduced.

Bonito went a different way. Make it - Cheaper and better -

Bonito uses the same mathematical and metrological methods as those weather supplier’s uses. Every Manufacturer can now construct their own desired data resolution. Through this the costs for the data are reduced considerably. The resolution of the coordinate grid from other Weathers suppliers shows: If the size of the map is changing (the costumer is zooming in or out), the grid coordinates of the data getting wider or denser. Bonito has always a fixed grid while zooming the in to the Map.

These benefits can now be seen by other manufacturers for Marine software can be used. Bonito provides a Developer Platform at with all Information, Source Code and Tools, so that all manufacturers can now implement this Weather data.

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