MeteoCom 6

Weather on Board via HF-Radio and Internet

MeteoCom 6 Versions:

MeteoCom 6 is available in 2 Versions 


The Internet option can be subsequently activated at any time via the Internet or telephone.

What features are available for which version?

1) Standard Edition

The Standard Version processes all data received via the SSB radio (Weatherfax, RTTY, Synopsis, Warnings, Navtex, Forecast texts, etc.) with modern technology. The data are processed, sorted, classifies and visualizes in that way that even complex weather conditions are presented in easy to understand images or animations. In addition, it converts the receiving forecast text messages from GWS into graphics and animation and draws barograph charts.


WeatherFax RTTY, Navtex, Warnings... Synopis


The received weather information is processed and presented in accordance with modern meteorological, Mesoscale aspects. The standard version gives you the opportunity to receive worldwide weather information free of charge. By free online updates your software is always up to date.


2) Marine Edition
In addition to the functions of the standard version, this version can handle weather data from the Internet from MeteoServer. Here we use the latest technology (MSL instead of the old GRIB) to keep the volume of the data as small as possible.


You can quickly and easily download forecast data up to 7 days, synoptic data (important actual values) and even Hi-Res satellite images. The MeteoServer weather forecast data is a recommendable and inexpensive addition to the data received from the SSB radio. With this System you have the opportunity to download for example 5 days forecast data and plan your trip. On the sailing trip you will receive weather information via short wave and MeteoCom 6.


What features are available for which version?

Control of SSB radios including timer management x x  
Reception of RTTY and SYNOP messages that are displayed in the map and in text x x  
Reception of weather fax the menu viewed and may be revised. x x  
Receiving forecast texts, which are converted into animations and presented in plain text x x  
Reception of Navtex-Messages x x  
Possibility to connect an optional NAVTEX receiver x x  
Possibility to connect an optional WEATHERiNFOBOX x x x (optional)
Recording of air pressure, whose values ​​are shown in a diagram. (when using a WEATHERiNFOBOX) x x x (optional)
Weather data download via the Internet which are shown on the map with animations x (optional) x x
Download Satellite images over the Internet, which can be viewed and edited under Images x (optional) x x
Meteorological Route-Control without Internet Data (by using the RTTY Data). x x  
Meteorological Route-Control with Internet Data x (optional) x x (optional)


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