MeteoCom 6

Weather on Board via HF-Radio and Internet

The ultimate Weather software for Windows 7, Vista, XP und 2000 
  • Easy to use and to install

  • Transforms RTTY Forecast texts of the DWD into graphics and animation

  • Decodes: WeatherFax, RTTY, Synopsis, Navtex and Morse Code in high resolution

  • Controls more than 120 SSB-Radios and Receivers without extra Hardware

  • Synopsis decoding with graphical and animated representation

  • Weather-Route-Control (Weather routing)

  • Optional Internet Weather Data Service incl. Satellite Images

  • Free Online-Updates

Forecast at your fingertips around the world

With Bonito's MeteoCom 6 and a SSB receiver or radio you can receive world-wide a variety of weather information via short-wave and even the Internet:

WeatherFax - RTTY - Synopsis - Navtex - CW - Warnings - Forecasts
Animations - Satellite Images - Weather-Route-Control

Bonito MeteoCom 6 shows the weather conditions in your area worldwide and provides you on your current position important weather information. The weather information is clear, graphically represented, and even animated. With the weather-route control, you can plan your route and easily adapt it to the weather conditions.

For years weather forecasts and nautical warnings have been transmitted free of charge throughout the world via short-wave radio on more than 200 Stations to enable ships to receive the information. In addition, there are about 150 Navtex stations that transmit navigational warnings in coastal areas. Now, using MeteoCom 6 software, a computer can display all the details. Bonitoís software makes it possible for even the layman to analyse complex meteorological data. You donít need to have studied meteorology to be able to understand the general weather situation.

If you sail in your dream area, you need current weather information for your area. With the Bonito software you can prepare your sailing trip already at home and during your trip you will continue to receive, free of charge, current and informative weather maps by weather fax, 2 to 5 day forecasts and synoptic data (actual values ​​measured) by RTTY and navigational warnings via Navtex. All these data are presented graphically and in plain text.

You only need a Windows computer, a SSB receiver (a world receiver even works) and the Bonito software. As antenna a long wire, the backstay or an active antenna can be used.
If you want to use the Service to download Weather data by the Internet, you need a mobile Internet access via mobile phone, WI-FI or satellite phone.

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