ProMeteo 2.0

WeatherFax, RTTY, Navtex
CW and RadioControl

For Windows XP/2000/Vista and NT

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Weather onboard with the Computer
Weather information and nautical warning messages are broadcast worldwide on shortwave. Using special software this information can then be displayed on a computer. With that it is possible to evaluate complex weather data, even for a layman. You don’t need a degree in meteorology to comprehend a general weather pattern. With a SSB-radio and the ProMeteo 2.0 software you can record and display WeatherFax, forecasts, Navtex and CW (morse code) worldwide.

Low-Cost – the cheaper the better …?
There are many programs which are able to receive ‚Weather’ from a radio, even freeware you can download from the internet. At first glance these programs seem to do everything a beginner needs. However, it soon becomes clear to the more discriminating user that this software is applicable explicitly for home brewers and radio amateurs. If you went and bought a radio and software you will soon realize that you made a mistake.

For 30 years our competition has been able to sell such software to beginners. That’s not good for you. This is why BONITO developed a program that’s not cheap but affordable. It definitely offers more than our competition, and the great thing about it: you won’t make a mistake because the program can be upgraded as your requirements go up.

ProMeteo 2.0 Features:

In all common formats and drum rotation speeds. Using the tools we provide you can even repair illegible images.

RTTY, Navtex Forecasts and Warnings:
are saved automatically and displayed pre-sorted in geographical areas. Received warnings are marked red to make them more recognizable.


Time-controlled Receiver-Management:
If the radio is controllable the radio frequency is adjusted automatically. The frequency manager hosts a database of all known broadcasting stations and their parameters. All you have to do is double-click on a list entry. With the integrated ScheduleManager you have access to the time schedules of the broadcasting stations, and you can create a joblist using the integrated TimeManager. The joblist controls the receiver every day and keeps track of everything.

Of course, you can also use non-controllable radios thanks to the tuning support.

All received data is displayed in the ResultViewer while reception continues in the background. Old data and images are automatically deleted.

Package Deals

ProMeteo Starter-Set
We also offer a Starter-set. It contains the ProMeteo 2.0 software and the Lextronix E5 world receiver. The E5 is a compact, high-performance world receiver for a very affordable price. It is even able to receive the German weather service (DWD) on longwave. However, the frequency tuning is not automatic. But you can store your desired broadcast stations on the memory bank which offers 700 entries.

ProMeteo PCR-Package

For those who would more convenience and are looking for a fully automatic, controllable solution we recommend the ProMeteo PCR-package. It contains the black box-radio PCR1500, ProMeteo 2.0, a cable set as well as a wire antenna.

System requirements for ProMeteo 2.0

 A Pentium processor with at least 450 MHz, a soundcard with an audio line-in, a free COM-port and Windows 2000 or XP installed, as well as 256 MB of RAM, a graphics card with a resolution of 1024x768 or higher.

SSB-receiver: Almost all receivers such as Sony, Sangean, Grundig, Siemens and others with SSB reception capability can be used. They cannot make use of the timer-controlled remote control, however. We recommend controllable receivers such as ICOM, YAESU, KENWOOD, JRC, AOR, SAILOR, SKANTI, etc.

The software package contains a program CD, a switchbox to control the radio, a manual and an audio cable.





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