MeteoCom 5.0

  (the Background-Programmet from BoardTerminal '98 )

In our nautical terminal MeteoCom BONITO is integrated, which receive all kinds of weather-informations. Supposition is a Pentium-PC with soundcard and Windows 95. The digital sound-processor (DSP) from the sound-card will be use and replace the usual filter-modem. Therefore the evaluation is more than the quality from other programmes. The programme works in the background, during you are watching the receptions in the foreground or using a seamap-programme or instruments-controling.This you call multitasking and thus you use Windows completly.

The message-manager
The radio is controled fullautomatically with the integrated frequency-list per timer and spoken messages (audio), weather-fax, morse, rtty and navtex-messages will be decoded.The message-manager make possible to get a quick overview from incoming messages, and take care that new messages will be grated and delete old messages.

Only a simple click and the message is on the screen and hearable.

gbbobt02.gif (14026 Byte)

With a special equipment every programme can be started from here. The nautical terminal will be supply with necessary NMEA-signals if needed and when it`s BONITO-compatible. Further the radio, GPS or different NMEA-founts will be connected with an also delivered small mode.

Not every nautical programme is BONITO-compatible and is able to take the Com-Port. By changing to a different programme, which is using the informations from the Com-Port, it`s not possible to operate on the same Port at the same time. But a nautical terminal make it possible (see Info 0002 nautical terminal). There are a lot of BONITO-compatible programmes. Ask your dealer for an update for your old version.

Receiving Weatherfax
You know the problem by receiving Weatherfax on shortwave. Special for these problems a lot of resources are included in our programme. Every shift, band-width or every center-frequency-offset is possible. The usual IOC`s are 267, 288, 357, 576 by 48, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240 rpm. The filter make possible to remove interferences. Automatically saved pictures are visible in the message-manager, which you can watch or revise with a simple click using the programme FAX-View.

fax.gif (14406 Byte)


This programme make possible to watch the pictures, to print, to save or to remove all kind of receiving problems subsequently. Zooming, zoom in, zoom out, rotate etc is much more faster than different graphic-programmes.
FAX-pictures will be saved in BMP-format.  

faxview.gif (30977 Byte)


Text-Receiving RTTY, SYNOP, NAVTEX


gbrtty.gif (24173 Byte)

Synop-codes will be decoded and insert in the worldmap. Clear text, messages and warnings will be
saved automatically and shown in the message-manager, which you can watch with the programme RTTY-View also with a simple click.

gbwarnview.gif (14673 Byte)

Receiving Morse-text
The mode Morse will be decoded from a special programme, other usings are the same like RTTY.


SYNOP - World-Weather-map
This programme-part is using the code-dates, which were received in RTTY and animate them on a globe, which can be zoomed and rotate in all directions. The dates will be shown in small symbols for wind, temperature, clouds, rain, pressure etc.

synop01.gif (19515 Byte)

Synop-station-messages will be shown in a worldmapand with a simple click you get the messages or you
create a pressure raster or a wind-overview. With the function animation, moving pictures will be created. Also
create a wind- or pressure raster-overview.  

Wind Raster

gbsynop02.gif (26046 Byte)

Pressure & Wind Raster

gbsynop03 (17973 Byte)

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