The ultimate Weather-Software
For Windows95/98/ME/XP/2000 and NT 4.0

Weatherfax, Chartplotter, Navtex, Synop, CW, RTTY.
Radio-Control for more than 80 Receivers and Transceivers without any extra Hardware!!!
download BordTerminal '98 DEMO here!
4.3 MByte Multi-Language

Forecasts at your fingertips
For years weather forecasts and nautical warnings have been transmitted throughout the world on short-wave radio to enable ships to receive the information. Now, using BoardTerminal 98 software, a computer can display all the details. Bonito’s software makes it possible for even the layman to analyse complex meteorological data. You don’t need to have studied meteorology to be able to understand the general weather situation. Extra-Info see MeteoCom 5.0

The highest resolution is used allowing every detail to be clearly identified

Navtex, forecasts and warnings
are automatically saved and then shown as on-screen messages.

The summaries are decoded straight away and then registered in the form of small symbols on a world map. By clicking on a symbol the user receives the decoded report, or you can set up a graphical screens to record wind speed, pressure, temperature and date information. Animation is even possible.

Simple Chart Plotter
A Beta-Version is allways includet!

BoardTerminal´98 system requirements

The computer must have an Intel Pentium processor with at least 75 MHz, a sound card with a LINE-IN port, a spare COM port, and either Windows 95/98 or NT4.0/SR3 installed, as well as a graphics card with 800x600 16 bit colour resolution.

a SSB receiver (remote/radio controlled if possible)
BoardTerminal´98 can be combined with almost all makes of receiver. For example, those produced by Sony, Panasonic, Grundig, and Siemens, and any others with SSB reception. However, these cannot use timer-operated remote/radio control. We recommend controllable receivers, such as those made by Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, JRC, AOR, LOWE and Skanti.


For the ICOM PCR-1000, we have the ProMeteo´98 Software!!!


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