For Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/Vista and NT
LowCostVersion / Newcomer-Version

DSP-Filter Decoding with the Computer
RTTY-, CW-, PSK-, FAX-, SSTV- and TimeSignal- Decoder,
Spectrum-Analyser, Equalizer-Filter, Freq.Scanner and Radio-Control
with Frequency-Managment, ScheduleManger and SatTraking
incl. InterNet Satellite Image DownLoad-Service

download RadioCom 4.5² DEMO   here!


What’s new?
Time passes, the new Windows operating systems such as Vista are getting out and there are new radios with USB-interfaces. This is why the Bonito programs where adapted to this new environment. RadioCom 4.5² therefore, was a logical new development. Technically and visually it is a big step towards the professional Bonito programs such as MeteoCom, ProMeteo, etc. Proven characteristics from the professional systems were adopted and new developments added.

What can this program do?
It features decoding of digital and analog signals from a radio. In addition, it significantly improves the sound quality in a way that was previously reserved to DSP-receivers. An audio cable delivers the signal directly via the soundcard into the computer. The radio can also be controlled via the COM-port. The received signal is filtered and made audible through the computer speaker.

RadioCom 4.5² contains RadioControl, Equalizer-Filter-Analyzer, AudioRecorder, RTTY-, CW-, WFAX-, SatFax, SSTV-, PSK- and Time Signal Decoding, Frequency- and Schedule-Manager, as well as SatTraking. There is also a Frq.Scanner and ResultViewer to view images and text of the received signal. Additionally, RadioCom uses a download service for program resources and satellite images.

This means: You have EVERYTHING in one program and don’t have to contemplate which software may be necessary for which operating mode. The supplied Bonito switchbox allows you to control the radio without the need for additional, expensive hardware.

Is DSP = Digital-Sound-Processing?
At Bonito we answer this question with YES, as long as we stay below 44000 KHz. For that reason, up to now great demands were made on SSB receivers and decoding technology. With multimedia PCs now commonly available, it was possible to develop a new concept which replaces expensive filters and makes operation even easier. Expensive displays, instruments, switches and sliders are now simply displayed on the screen. So, Digital-Sound-Processing, Frequency-Analyzing and Data-Decoding are an acquired skill. What was previously done with expensive filters is now realized by a computer. Entirely illegible signals are improved in such way that the effect of the integrated equalizer becomes very apparent acoustically.




With RadioCom 4.5² you get an operation surface which is tailored to your needs. It is possible, for example, to receive a FAX image and do something else at the same time without interrupting the reception. Using the editing function of the database, the frequency and schedule manager, all adjustments specific to a radio transmitting station can be saved and accessed at a later time. With the frequency scanner function you have the opportunity to quickly scan different areas. Together with the audio recorder signals can be recorder and later decoded, analyzed and played back. The AudioController controls all audio functions, drivers, mixers as well as the special AudioSquelch and the DSP-Equalizer-Filters. This makes it possible to integrate several notch filters within one band filter or to shape a filter curve in any way. Simply use your mouse to draw a curve on the equalizer:

– What you see is what you hear –

If this is not enough for you…
…maybe you should take a look at RadioCom 6. It offers much more:
Sending and receiving with several radios at the same time, special frequency, channel and time scanners, realtime-analyzer, scope time-spectroscope and much more.

Technical Data:
Instead of the obligatory technical data we are offering a free demo for download at
This demo version is a full version including manual. It simulates the radio as if it were connected.

A SSB-receiver
(remote controllable if possible).
All world receivers such as Sony, Panasonic, Grundig, Siemens or others with SSB reception can be used.  However, they will not be able to make use of the remote control. We recommend controllable receivers such as ICOM, YAESU, KENWOOD, JRC, Skanti and AOR. The supplied plug-in module already contains the electronic components necessary for the respective receiver/transceiver. Therefore, you will not need an external control unit. If you don’t have a radio yet, we recommend the RC-45 entry package (incl. radio).

Minimum Requirements:
IBM-compatible PC, Intel® Pentium min. 500 MHz or higher,
128 MB RAM, as well as a bi-directional soundcard,
a graphics card with 16 colors at 800x600 resolution
Windows´95/´98/ME/´2000/XP/Vista or NT 4.0 SP/3

RadioCom 4.5² 95.20€
RadioCom 4.5² NEWCOMER-PACK 243.95€
(incl. ower E5 SSB-Receiver)

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