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The complete content of a RadioCom 6.0 DEMO-CD as a self-extracting ZIP-file (RC60DEMO.exe) and a WebInstall version are available right now and can be downloaded by clicking on the blue ‘links’ at the right side of this page.

The demo does not control any radios. Instead a radio is simulated. The integrated DownLoad of satellite images will only show old pictures and not the current ones which would be available for download with the original version.


Description DownLoad Date
RadioCom 6.0 Demo-CD
Complete demo version
Self-extracting ZIP
28 MByte 13.Jun.2007
RadioCom 6.0 WebInstall
Installs the demo by internet
635 KByte
loads approx. 20 MB
last Update: 2.Jun.2007 - current version 6.0


more information about RadioCom 6.0

downLoad DEMO-CD

Download the self-extracting ZIP file from the net. Start RC45DEMO.exe. It will attempt to extract files into a directory. You may choose your own. You can burn the software onto a CD or run the program from your hard drive.

The following directory and the files must be on the CD:


The files are necessary for auto starting the CD and the directory [Updates] contains the zipped installation files of the program.

Start RC6DSetup.exe in directory [Updates]

direct Web-Installation

Click on WebInstall. You may select whether you wish to start the program at once or save it. Select ‘Start’. The WebInstall program will be loaded and started.

There you will press ‘Install via InterNet’. This will load the update files to your hard drive.

Only then you will get to RadioCom Install.
And there you start the program installation.

RadioCom is designed in such way that no CD is necessary for a setup of RadioCom conditions. A setup can be started via the start menu of the computer.